The Hormone Cure Detox: Afterthoughts


So grateful for this wonderful map to good health created by Dr Sara Gottfried. Feeling lighter, leaner, cleaner, wiser (lost lbs & inches). On Day 22 noticed a change in wrinkles on my face – seemed to have faded and the scale & measurements began to shift! Surprised to discover caffeine to be main item I was cranky about not having when I wanted it but had no other cravings. I longed for my morning lattes but when reentry time came – could take it or leave it. Just proved the “takes 21 days to change a habit” theory. Have not introduced anything else and have grown fond of my dark chocolate, cocoa spice tea & Kombucha as a refreshing alternative to coffee or wine. My hubby thinks it stinks but I’m loving it and being able to tuck my shirt inside my pants! Will continue with my daily rituals and mindful eating habits and not beat myself up if I “choose” to indulge. I highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to make a shift in their health. Dr. Sara’s program is well researched and has tons of support & guidance. For more information just go to and take her free hormone survey. Her next group detox is in the Fall. In the meantime try your own elimination diet. Nutrition is a great place to begin a self inquiry on what you put on, in and around your body and how it can affect your mental, emotional and physical health. JJVirgin also has a great program to do on your own through the JJVirgin Diet or her cookbook. Happy cleansing and may good health be with you.