The Hormone Cure Detox: Day 20 “Let The Cleanse Begin”


Completely off red meat, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten and as of a few days ago, high glycemic fruits. For the next week I will be eating clean protein & lots of greens with the last thing to go, as many toxins as possible from makeup to household supplies to relationships. Feeling leaner, lighter & less stressed. Still missing my morning latte most of all but learning to let that pass. During the second week of the detox I was at a yoga retreat/training so not completely able to follow every detail of the diet but can’t complain as I had fresh food everyday and tons of vegetables from the huge garden on the property.

Even though I was following the rules to the best of my ability I did indulge a few times. Once to share a glass of Cabernet with my new found retreat friends on our last night together and second during our last lunch together when a big tray of brownies came out of the oven. Since these items had been removed from my diet for almost 2 weeks, I consciously chose to treat myself to these delicacies and savor the taste. This detox has taught me not only about healthy eating but many intangibles such as not depriving myself and how much more a food item is appreciated when not eaten all the time or without mindfulness. Mindless eating leads to loss of appreciation for what one consumes and a deadening of the senses, not really tasting what we eat. Feels wonderful to heal my liver, simplify my diet and pay more attention to what I put in, on & around my body.