The Hormone Cure Detox: Day 0


The past year has been devoted to rehabilitating my physical body following knee and shoulder surgery in 2013. Since that work has been accomplished satisfactorily I want to take my healing deeper and to a new level. For the most part I follow a very healthy diet and have few toxicity symptoms or hormone imbalances. But after hearing a lecture last year by Dr. Sara Gottfried on how dis-regulated hormones can wreak havoc on our bodies and brains my curiosity was aroused. When the detox was announced, I just had to jump in and experience this first hand.

Have spent the past three weeks in prep mode, reading Dr. Sara’s articles on why caffeine, meat, sugar, gluten and dairy can disrupt our bodily systems, cause liver toxicity and lead to adrenal burn-out; taking quizzes about my hormones; and shopping for  lots of veges, clean proteins and good carbs. Tomorrow is literally “D” day, day 1 of the detox. For the first 3 days, no red meat and no alcohol! Not a big meat eater so that’s not a problem but will miss my occasional glass of vino! Will report back after day 3 with my discoveries and observations. After over 17 months of physical rehabilitation, exercise and mental discipline how hard can 4 weeks of this be? I say, Bring it!