New Year's Blog


Have fallen off the blog wagon for awhile and decided one of my intentions for 2014 was to get back on more regularly. Naturally, a cold rainy January day was the perfect opportunity to climb on (combined with catching a cold) and take advantage of this time of rest & quiet. Last year I listened to many health related tele-classes, including one by Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure.  In my day to day world I counsel thousands of women with similar complaints of depression, low energy, irritability, low or no libido, unmanageable stress and anxiety. Her message of unbalanced hormones as a possible cause resonated loudly with me.

My curiosity led me to sign up for her newsletter. Her informative and vibrant messages are calling me, so much that I registered for her winter detox. Last year my healing focus was mainly physical as I recuperated from shoulder and knee surgeries. This year my focus is more internal and although still physical, aspire to go deeper with diet, nutrition & hormone balance along with my understanding of how they all fit together. My goal is not only to personally benefit from her teachings but share the wisdom as well. Please join me as I share my discoveries and challenges with the detox and making sustainable changes to support my life journey from a place of balance on all levels. Check out her book, take her hormone questionnaire or follow along on my Facebook page, Living Balanced if you want to take this journey with me!