Water Lilies, Lotus Flowers & Dragonflies


Last Sunday I took my first bike ride of the year with Washington Women Outdoors (WWO) to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. WWO, the metro areas premiere  organization promoting outdoor activities for women will be celebrating its 35th birthday this year. This particular trip was a scouting event to try out a new route. When scouting, as I was repeatedly told, things don’t always go according to the schedule or map. We started from the Rosllyn Metro Station (Arlington, VA) and followed the Mt Vernon Bicycle Trail eventually crossing the 14th St Bridge. I don’t get to D.C. much so was like a kid in a candy store when we passed the usual tourist attractions like the Jefferson Memorial, The Capital Building and the Washington Monument. We made our way by the Washington Nationals Stadium to the Anacostia River Walk Trail (one of my favorite views) which went by the Washington Naval Yard. Lovely ride until we came to a section that was closed (remember this is a scouting trip) and had to back track and find a new route.

While the group paused to recalibrate directions a local biker fortuitously stopped and led us to the gardens. The destination made all the wrong turns & detours worth it. After taking lots of pictures and refueling with snacks & H2O, we headed back to D.C. The ride back seemed so much quicker, taking us through Historic Capital Hill where we stopped for lunch near the Eastern Market. A big thumbs up for the WWO and your spirit of exploration & adventure. Was great to be back with the group & great company. Thanks for the ride! For more information on WWO go to www.washingtonwomenoutdoors.org. Remember “all who wander are not lost” so meander a bit this summer, wander, wonder and enjoy the ride!