The Happy Woman Way


‘Spring is about waking up’ says Sara Avant Stover, author of The Way of The Happy Woman.  I have been following her blog and book for the past year and could not pass up the chance to hang out with her at a mini retreat when she came to D.C. this past weekend. Practicing what I preach brought me to a lovely yoga studio called Tranquil Space near Dupont Circle. For three hours I just focused on me. We spent some time reflecting and engaging in a yin/yang yoga practice to honor the emerging energy & light of spring but also grounding & staying close to the earth. The Metro was the easiest means of transportation, arriving just a few blocks from my destination. The walk took me through a hip urban residential area alive with city sights, sounds and smells.

Tranquil Space (TS) is a chic, environmentally friendly & nurturing space that has 2 locations, the second in Arlington. More info on Tranquil Space is available on the web or facebook under that name. TS is ‘a lifestyle-focused yoga destination named among the top 25 yoga studios in the world.’ Blog, youtube and twitter followers can connect as well through their webpage. ‘The beautiful street level shop is located right in the heart of Dupont Circle’s 17th street neighborhood. Decorated with damask-covered walls, exposed brick, and a dramatic chandelier, the space is warm and inviting — a calm respite from the outside. Some of the special design touches enlivening the boutique include dressing rooms made from reused pallet that delivered our building materials, benches made from a Virginia barn supported on reused tree grates, and shelving made from old floor joists.’ A definite must go destination.

Spring is a perfect time to pause and do some inner and outer housecleaning. If you have wanted to start a yoga practice there is plenty to choose from in and around Frederick. has the most updated list by state and city. Retreats are available as well. There is still room in my half day retreat Spiral Gatherings on Sunday April 29th from 9 – 1 pm. For more information just send an email to So take a pause this Spring, reflect, renew, nourish yourself, & plant seeds to create your year!