Happy Earth Day!

My Yoga hike was rained out today so I went to a yoga class  dedicated to honoring Earth Day instead. Not a bad compromise. The teacher reminded us of our deep connection to the earth physically and beyond. Every breath we take is mirroring the natural pulse of nature; expanding and contracting, waxing and waning, birthing and expiring. The native americans believe we have an umbilical cord attached from our navels to the earth. With this awareness every action is considered as if mother earth were a living, breathing entity.

Yesterday, a friend treated me to a kayak river run down the Cacapon River near Berkely Springs, West Virginia. Wild flowers and woodpeckers kept calling out ‘look at me, look at me’. The rapids and the view called the loudest. Another Earth Day reminds us of this precious life & planet we have been given. We are stewards and have been entrusted to care for our earth mother. Steve Van Matre in Earth Spirit says ‘We need to tap into life’s universal flow and ‘learn to love ourselves less and the earth more’. Pause today for a few moments to give thanks and contemplate what you can do to care for our home. One tiny movement creates a rippling effect.