Do You Do The Yoga


Another snow day. Drove through the wintry mix to teach class this morning and no one showed. Always a good thing to take cues from mother nature, stay put and go inward. Instead of being irritated I chose to “do the yoga”. Had the entire room to myself. My practice now feels like a favorite piece of clothing, well worn & comfortable. My body knows what to do intuitively, without too much thinking mind. A daily drop into a pose(s) is not a burden, more of a gentle love tap & reminder that my essential self needs to be tended to and reset regularly.

Never know what I will find when I wander onto my mat from day to day. But this simple ritual teaches me to pay attention & tailor my movements to whatever is going on in my life in this moment. Over time this awareness now accompanies me, like a silent companion, off the mat & into my life providing a deeper wisdom for my daily round. So while the flakes continue to fall outside, instead of cursing the weather, try a quiet pose or two and bless the opportunity to be still, look inward and take advantage of this end of winter gift. Spring will be here before you know it along with increased activity and less opportunity to hit the pause button.