Buried Treasure


No I’m not talking about precious gems, coins or fossil fuels. Just plain, clean, refreshing spring water. I had heard about this spring months ago but finding it was put on the back burner due to family obligations (like preparing for my daughter’s wedding!). My interest in the spring rekindled itself so on a recent sunny, late summer morning, the husband & I set out on a treasure hunt to find this liquid gold. Thanks to the website fun springs we were able to locate the general vicinity and do some research on this local resource. Initially we passed right by our destination  and after 45 minutes  we almost gave up. Then I saw the white pipe and the gushing water. Yes, I was like a kid in a candy store. We had just purchased two five gallon collapsible containers and filled them up in no time.

So why was I so excited about this spring? Last fall I had listened to a lecture by Daniel Vitalis, rewilding pioneer, and learned about the benefits of drinking spring water vs. tap or filtered water. He introduced me to findaspring a website that shows the location of fresh springs all over the world. Was quite surprised to discover one right here in my own county. Learn more about the benefits of drinking local living water from his video. According to the fun springs website, this spring has been used by the locals for over 200 years. Reportedly, visitors come from as far away as neighboring states to stock up.  Dr Paul Check says “our bodies are designed to drink water from streams & rivers vs. filtered water” and “nature produces quality water if we don’t disturb it.” What’s in local water informs our bodies about what’s in the environment. So if you are in the mood for a treasure hunt, do some research and consider taking this experiment in reconnecting to our land; honoring the bodies need for fresh, clean water and as Dr. Check says “come to the party of health and well being.”