Gaea Excursions


Gaea Excursions, nature based activities for women, was launched this week when a group of women joined me to kayak down the Shenandoah River on a summer afternoon. The concept of Gaea Excursions was born years ago as a way to create opportunities for women to experience the healing aspects of nature, bond with other women and participate in a pleasurable activity. As a psychotherapist, I see on a regular basis the disconnect many of us feel as we move through our busy lives, overscheduling & overworking ourselves until we are just existing, burned out, burned up, burnt to a crisp. Being in nature instantly brings one into sacred space, slows the pace of life & allows the body to relax & renew itself. 

     These outings also provide women opportunities to focus on themselves more and the needs of others less and engage in activities that they may never try on their own. Gathering in a group returns us to our tribal nature where we all evolved from & getting us out of the sense of isolation many may feel. Many long for this sense of reconnection which is often restored when back in nature. Nature based experiences allow one to come back into balance & align with nature’s rhythm. When the breath & the systems of the body slow down, true healing can begin. When we learn how to be quiet & experience silence, a deeper listening can occur.

     Most of us have a childhood memory of a favorite place in nature. Memories can be accessed to create your own nature experience if time and resources are limited. Or just step outside in the morning at dawn to greet your day & give blessings to the sun; walk barefoot in the grass or in a nearby park on your lunch break; bask in the light of the moon or stars to close your day. Nature meditations & ways of linking our minds to nature are always available to us, we just have to create space for them & remember our connection to the planet & all living things.

     So stay tuned for future events that will take us outside & back in touch with our inner wisdom. Upcoming activities include hiking, biking, outside yoga, camping & more! To find out about these events go to See you on the path somewhere!