Life is full of bumps in the road. Many of them we can navigate on our own. The big boulders, however, may require a guide and new tools.

Julie has shown thousands of clients how to use personal crises and life events as opportunities for growth and discovery. Her approach combines ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience and incorporates a variety of disciplines to promote healing, wellness and wholeness including positive and contemplative psychology; mindfulness; focused breath-work; yoga; the latest research in neuroscience, embodied techniques (body oriented), healthy nutrition and ecotherapy (indoor/outdoor therapy in nature).

Julie’s therapy methods are designed to assist the process of accessing one’s own innate wisdom and creative energies for optimal living.

What does your soul need right now?



Feeling off balance? Life lost it’s joy? Depressed, anxious, stressed, over-whelmed? Relationships no longer feeling meaningful? Frequently saying ‘I can’t do this anymore’? Current life tools no longer working? These are all cues that maybe it’s time for a reset or do-over. Julie provides an integrative and wholistic approach to individuals and couples counseling & those seeking a different way of being in the world, with themselves and one another.


Vibrant Life Coaching & Soul Mentoring

Feeling stuck or not sure of your purpose anymore? Is your life path no longer feeling meaningful? Coaching/mentoring is a suitable option for anyone in good mental health, curious about developing strong self inquiry skills & wanting to step into their 'life's purpose' with more intention and clarity. 



Yoga is an ancient art of self care, originating over 5,000 years ago to enhance one's well being in all areas of life,  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. More than a workout, it is a guidance system that includes breath work and physical movements (postures) that modern research now shows can decrease stress and anxiety, balance moods, develop deeper self awareness, improve fitness levels & heal trauma. 



Living Balanced also provides seasonal workshops, retreats and donation based offerings to support one's earth walk. Yoga & Nature Connection Hikes, Mindful Outdoor Experiences, Wildflower Nature Camp for Women & Urban Yoga Hikes in downtown Frederick are a few examples of events held throughout the year.


Nature therapy & The Frederick Nature Company

Nature Based Therapy or Ecotherapy is a form of psychology which “acknowledges the vital role of nature and addresses the human-nature relationship”. It focuses not just on our personal relationships, but also on our relationship with the earth. Research is now showing the health benefits of nature based therapies including reduced stress and blood pressure, decreasing anxiety and elevating mood. Read more here.


Energy healing

“Energy healing or energy medicine is based on the fundamental premise that everyone's thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are made of energy. Therefore, if we are all infused with this life force…., we can channel or use its power for healing” - Mother Nature Network. Julie is a Pachakuti (world reversal) Mesa Carrier and Universal Shaman Initiate.

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